Press Release

Financing Provided to Nordic Biomarker

Press Release

On behalf of our investors in the Private Debt IV – Flexible fund, we are pleased to have supported Procuritas with the financing of Nordic Biomarker, a leading Swedish developer and manufacturer of reagents used for blood coagulation testing.

About Nordic Biomarker

Founded in 2007, Nordic Biomarker is a developer and manufacturer of advanced reagents, calibrators and controls for lab-based blood coagulation testing, based in Umeå, Sweden. The company offers products used for a wide range of routine and specialty lab-based tests across patients’ treatment journey. Product development and production is performed in-house at Nordic Biomarker’s facilities in Sweden and distributed to end-customers via a network of distributors.

With a growing product portfolio of both routine and specialty reagents for the blood coagulation testing, Nordic Biomarker is a valued collaboration partner for its customers, supplying the healthcare sector with a high-quality product that enables precise analysis of patients’ health.


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