Press Release

Financing Provided to MUPRO

Press Release

On behalf of our investors in the Private Debt III – Senior fund managed by Capital Four, we are pleased to have supported IK Partners with the financing of MÜPRO Group GmbH, (“Müpro” or the “Company”), a leading solutions provider and supplier for applications in pipe fixing technology located in Germany.

About MÜPRO Group

Founded in 1964, MÜPRO is a German-based speciality manufacturer and distributor of pipe fixing technology for technical building equipment, sanitary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications (“SHVAC”). The Company has a comprehensive and modular product portfolio complying with requirements including, noise reduction, fire protection and corrosion resistance. MÜPRO is active in a growing market driven by the need for investment and the upgrading of SHVAC installations to increase energy efficiency and improve building-related decarbonisation. The Company employs more than 460 employees, serving over 12,000 customers and has a strong presence in its key markets Germany, Benelux and France while also growing its presence in other European markets as well as globally in India and the Middle East.


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