Capital Four provides financing to GHM Group

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January 14, 2022

Financing Provided to GHM Group

On behalf of our investors in the Private Debt III – Senior fund managed by Capital Four, we are pleased to announce the financing of GHM Group with term loan facilities and additional committed financing to support buy and build activities.

About GHM Group

Headquartered in Remscheid, Germany, GHM Group is a leading specialist in the field of measurement and control technology across different business areas of industrial sensors and electronics, environmental monitoring technology and mobile measuring devices. The company operates in the market through five distinct brands and has a comprehensive product portfolio with focus on components, sensors and instruments for different measurement areas. GHM Group has production sites in Germany and Italy as well as global sales activities in more than 50 countries. The company is well-positioned to address the technological requirements expected to be in demand from customers, including integrated, intelligent network-enabled systems given its 60 years of industry experience and strong R&D capabilities.

About Capital Four

Capital Four is an industry-leading credit asset management boutique rooted in Scandinavian culture. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the team of 100+ professionals manage €15+bn on behalf of a global client base. The firm offers investment solutions within global high yield bonds, senior loans, structured credit, multi-asset credit, and Nordic & Northern European private debt. The company currently manages €2.4+bn across its Nordic & Northern European focused private debt mandates and deployed €1.2+bn over the last year on behalf of its funds Private Debt III – Senior and Private Debt IV – Flexible. For more details, please visit



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