At Capital Four we are committed to responsible investing.

Sustainability report

Our annual sustainability report will provide further insights into our focus and commitment to sustainability, in both our investment processes and at a corporate level.

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Our views and values

We believe one of the key factors for the long term success of Capital Four as a leading investment manager in the global financial market relies on our ability to continue to successfully assess sustainability risks as part of our investment process.

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Responsible Investing
We want to invest in companies that have sound governance structure, are environmentally conscience and focus on society.

ESG Integration
We believe sustainability risk and opportunities are some of the key drivers of performance and long-term returns.

Active ownership and engagement help drive desirable outcomes and creates value for our companies and our investors.

Responsible Investing

Our view on responsible investing defines the investment universe we operate in. We focus on investments that contributes to long-term financial value creation while avoiding investments that we believe has an unsustainable effect on society.

We are committed to support The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and we are a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and of the Net Zero Asset Manager initiative (NZAM).

Our investment process is driven by bottom-up fundamental research analysis which fully integrates sustainability risk and opportunities.

Sustainability risk is assessed through our proprietary ESG scoring framework supported by non-financial data and combined with the expertise of our research team. We do not invest when either a sub-score or a total ESG score is below our minimum requirement.

We have a dedicated ESG Committee comprising of professionals from across the organization who are tasked with ensuring that we stay at the forefront of responsible investment practices and developments.

Sustainability related disclosures

We provide transparency on how we integrate sustainability considerations, including sustainability risks and consideration of principal adverse sustainability impacts, into our investment process.

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