Press Release

Financing Provided to Raksystems

Press Release

Financing Provided to Raksystems

On behalf of our investors in the Private Debt III – Senior Fund, we are pleased to have supported Trill Impact with a sustainability-linked financing of Raksystems (“Company”), a leading expert in property well-being in the Nordics.

About Raksystems

Founded in 1989, Raksystems is a Finnish company and leading expert in property well-being in the Nordics, offering condition inspections for both individual and commercial clients, green building certification processes, such as sustainability certificates and energy/property lifecycle planning. In addition, the company offers consulting services as well as renovation and new construction project services. The company employs around 630 specialists across 28 offices located in Finland and Sweden. The company supports over 16,000 customers per year with inspections to help ensure that buildings meet relevant sustainability standards. Raksystems also offers advice on enhancements to improve building sustainability and create healthier environments for inhabitants. The company’s services drive energy efficiency and indoor air quality improvements by providing advice on energy efficient and sustainable property construction as well as renovation options based on green building certifications and lifecycle planning services.

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