Press Release

Financing Provided to Carton Group

Press Release

On behalf of our investors in the Private Debt V – Senior fund managed by Capital Four, we are pleased to have provided financing to Carton Group, a multinational group of individual carton packaging companies.


About Carton Group

Carton Group with headquarters in Schwabach, Germany, is a group of individual carton packaging companies, developing and producing high-quality, specialized packaging solutions focusing on batches within the fast-moving consumer goods and food industry. The group today operates four production facilities in Germany and Italy. Through targeted acquisitions within Europe and organic growth, it is pursuing the goal of taking a leading position in the European packaging industry. Carton Group delivers innovative solutions that add value and utility to goods, processes and products while meeting the changing needs of its customers. The company has a strong focus on sustainability, while meeting the highest standards in terms of degree of finishing, quality/scrap rates, and flexibility.


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