Press Release

Capital Four Provides Financing to Medpro-Omtanken Acquisition and Merger

Press Release

On behalf of funds managed by Capital Four, we are pleased to announce a financing in support of Procuritas’ acquisition and merger of Medpro and Omtanken, two leading private operators of primary healthcare clinics in Sweden’s Västra Götaland Region (VGR).

About Medpro and Omtanken
The transaction includes a merger of two well-established primary care clinic operators in Sweden’s VGR: Medpro, founded in 1998, and Omtanken founded in 2002. Together, the two operate 14 clinics offering primary care, as well as rehabilitation and psychology care, constituting the third-largest private healthcare provider in VGR.

Medpro’s and Omtanken’s offer complementary geographical coverage in VGR’s primary care sector and deliver high high-quality care services and leading patient accessibility to ensure patient satisfaction. Procuritas will support the Company’s continued growth and help strengthen its capabilities across various service offerings, including enhanced digi-physical care, as well as new regional expansions, also demonstrated by the add-on acquisition of Kvaterskliniken completed shortly after closing.

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