Brieza Murataj

Operations Specialist

Brieza joined Capital Four in Operations in June 2018. In February 2020 Brieza started full-time as an Operations Specialist after completing her studies.

Briezaholds a MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Prior to that, Brieza has worked for 3 years as a junior accountant and an accounting clerk in Athens, Greece.



Sandro is a Co-Founder of Capital Four Management. He joined from Nordea Investment Management, where he was responsible for the European High Yield business, which he initiated in 1999.

Prior to that, Sandro worked with Credit Suisse in New York (f/k/a BEA Associates), London (CS-FirstBoston) and Zürich in various roles in Fixed Income and Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions.

He holds an MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Computer Science from ITR Rapperswil.

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